Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sensible is over rated

I braved a bordering on riotous Westfield to finish my Christmas shopping tonight, allowing sweaty strangers to completely eradicate any sense of my personal space, potentially maxing out multiple credit cards and managing to run over my own toe with a shopping trolley resulting in a near amputation. As I panted like a pregnant woman, my eyes welling up with tears from the pain of my injury, I considered myself a christmas martyr and thought "what the hell am I doing?!" Nothing about Christmas is sensible. We spend multiple hours searching for a car space, we spend multiple hours trying to exit that car space, we celebrate the kamikaze beetles which attack upon the turning of our key at the front door, we eat lollies that taste like tooth paste and are shaped like an old mans walking stick (and pretend they are delicious), a certain group of revolutionists even dress up their cars as wild deer. Sensible? No. Brilliant? Yes. I am completely in love with the season which is all about lavishing gifts on loved ones, gathering around a table for a meal, taking time out for what really matters, showing people how important they are  and remembering that there is a Hope for humanity... all of which makes it the most wonderful time of the year.