Monday, November 29, 2010

mustaches are ID badges for weirdos

Well thank bloody goodness its nearing the end of November and those creepy oversized caterpillars which have been adorning the upper lips of men all over the world are about to be slaughtered. I mean no disrespect to the cause whatsoever as I believe it to be most worthy... but must we involve the mustache? We all know that mustaches are ID badges for weirdos but when they are in such high population how am I to filter the wheat from the chaff of the male population? I am welcoming December with open arms not just for Christmas lunch, summer holidays, family time and beach trips but for the return of clean shaven men to my world.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Get rid of those hideous hairy things! (In case you're wondering what stranger is stalking your blog, I was Tina's roommate in college way back a lifetime ago. I think you were one of her Wildlife girls. Saw Leah's FB post and though I'd check out your blog :)